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PSYCHOLOGY TODAY: Why Historical Fiction?

Discussing the boons and pitfalls of writing historical fiction, about living in history, Russia in the news and other timely topics with author and journalist Jennifer Haupt for Psychology Today's "One True Thing"  column:

" I had no idea that people would become as obsessed with Russia as I am. You can’t predict the future, which is another theme of the book. You live inside history. You don’t know what’s going to happen. They didn’t know during the Russian revolution and we don’t know now."

Published November 22, 2017

LA TIMES: What it took to go back to Russia 100 years ago in 'The Revolution of Marina M.'
To tell my story, I have to know how it felt to stand in lines at the district soviet trying to get papers one needed to work, and listening to rumors of what was said in those rooms. Hungry, ill-clothed, hopeful, stressed out. That’s the room I want to be in. Not how people shape history, but how history shapes us, how it distorts our stories, what it calls upon us to do. Who we become under its pressure.

An essay for the LA Times' Jacket Copy, “Janet Fitch explains what it took to go back to Russia 100 years ago in 'The Revolution of Marina M.',” November 10, 2017.

HUFFPO: How to Become an Everyday Reader
I think you become a more effective reader by reading in big blocks instead of trying to catch a page here and there. I read in the morning instead of reading the newspaper.

Q&A from Quora, “How to Become an Everyday Reader,” in response to the question, How can people go about becoming more effective readers in their everyday lives?, Huffington Post, November 7, 2017.

GOODREADS Q & A with Janet Potter
Writers always regret taking something out. The Revolution of Marina M started out as a novel in verse. Eventually I put it all into prose because I have a bigger tool kit as a prose writer. For narrative I need to live through scenes in real time, but I do have a fondness for those verse chapters...

An wide ranging conversation about the creation of The Revolution of Marina M. Includes some excellent questions from Goodreads readers.