The story continues...

The epic journey that began with The Revolution of Marina M. concludes in Chimes of a Lost Cathedral, in which passionate young poet, lover, and idealist Marina Makarova emerges as a woman in full during the transformative years of the Russian Revolution. Having undergone unimaginable hardship, she’s now at the height of her creative power and understanding, living the shared life of poetry--when the revolution finally reveals its true direction for the future. 


New from Janet Fitch

From the mega-bestselling author of White Oleander and Paint It Black, a sweeping historical saga of the Russian Revolution, as seen through the eyes of one young woman.

“Before us bloomed an image on the white page — the first line of marchers, the empty cobbled street ahead of them, their dark figures entering from the right, as if from the past. Walking onstage, their mass dividing the sheet in half. I could see history’s footprint in that moment. And I had been there.”

—Marina M.


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Praise for Chimes of a lost cathedral

Fitch’s darker, equally compelling sequel [to the Revolution of Marina M.] tracks Marina’s perilous journey from 1919 to 1921... Marina’s yearning for freedom propels her to risk everything in the dramatic final scenes.
— Jane Ciabattari, BBC’s 10 Smartest Beach Reads of 2019
Fitch’s transporting sequel to The Revolution of Marina M. (2017) is even better than the first book. Ceaselessly entertaining through its lengthy page count, it presents a disillusioned, more mature Marina Makarova as she is broken and remade alongside Russia during its civil war….
— BOOKLIST, Starred Review
The tumult of the era and Marina’s own impulses thrust her into one desperate situation after another. Her fecklessness could become exasperating if she weren’t such a gifted chronicler of all that she sees and feels, the mundane and sublime all swirling together [...] I found myself slowing as the end approached, wanting to inhabit Marina’s world just a little longer.
— Angie Jabine, Reed Magazine

Praise for Marina M.

Marina’s unlikely bildungsroman proves so gripping that it’s hard to put down...Fitch depicts [the Revolution] with devastating accuracy and imaginative power...sprawling, majestic.
— Ani Kokobobo, LA Review of Books
Sprawling, immersive, and heavily researched.
— Steph Cha,USA Today
Marina is by turns adventurous, foolish, romantic, self-destructive and courageous in this extraordinary coming-of-age tale.
— Jane Ciabbatari, BBC Culture
Fitch’s most powerful narrative, beautifully and propulsively written... the opulence and intimacy of the great Russian masters.
— Steve Donoghue, Christian Science Monitor