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The Revolution of Marina M. tells the story of the coming of age of a young Russian poet, Marina Makarova. That coming of age happens to take place between 1916 and 1919, however, and since Marina M. lives in St. Petersburg her coming of age story is more eventful than most.

At the book’s start Marina is 16 years old, the elegant daughter of a bourgeois Kadet politician and his statuesque spiritualist wife. She’s published her first book of poems, and her future seems mapped out for her in advance: marriage to some suitable young man, and a comfortable life spent in the world of letters.

But Marina isn’t the type to fall languidly into that kind of predetermined track. She recognizes the injustices the Tsar inflicts on his people, and recoils at the horrible slaughter that Russia’s involvement in World War I (which her father still supports) has become. Prompted by her radical friend Varvara, she’s ready for things to change...
— Jason Lefkowitz, Just Well Mixed

A long well-written review on Jason Lefkowitz' blog Just Well Mixed. Read the rest: Book review: “The Revolution of Marina M.”

Book review: “The Revolution of Marina M.”
Jason Lefkowitz, Just Well Mixed
July 27, 2017